Water Recovery

With the ever increasing cost of water it is not surprising that more and more organisations are looking at the possibility of reusing water used for rinsing. Typically this requires the need for separation of some of the waste streams. EWS (UK) Ltd have installed many rinse water recovery systems and are able to offer friendly help and advice if you are considering the possibility of water recovery.

As well as offering advice we are also able to offer a number of complimentary technologies that might be applied to rinse water recovery applications, including bespoke demineraliser plants built specifically for the required application. On considering the application requirements EWS (UK) Ltd offer the possibility of building a plant which utilises the most effective ion exchange resins, both in terms of performance and future operating cost. In many instances our tailor made plants include novel designs to ensure maximisation of water recovery and optimum operating condition of the ion exchange resins employed.

As well as utilising demineralisation for water recovery, EWS (UK) Ltd also offer additional complimentary technologies including:-

  • Multi-media and other particulate removal filtration systems.
  • Activated Carbon filters.
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