Endoscopes are optical medical devices that are inserted into the body in order to view inside.

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive medical procedure, performed for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons.  Endoscopies allow doctors to assess  different interior surfaces of an organ by inserting a tiny tube into the body, often, but not necessarily, through a natural body opening.  Through the  scope, doctors can see lesions and other surface conditions inside the body  of both people and animals.

Endoscopes are tubes used to obtain a view within the body without making a large incision.  Endoscopes consist of three tubes:

  • One that emits light to explore the organ
  • Another which transmits the image
  • A third one that can be used for the administration of drugs or to hold a device for tissue samples or removal

Endoscopes are not disposable and need to be turned around very quickly for use with the next  patient. Hence they need cleaning and sanitisation before reuse. This is achieved with an Automatic Endoscope Re-Processor – AER .

EWS supply a selection of water purification systems to endscopy departments including:



Below is a flow diagram for the EWS (UK) Ltd EndoPure (chemical sanitisation) water purification system:

The EWS (UK) Ltd EndoPure system was designed in conjunction with end users and AER manufacturers.  The demand at that time was for an extremely compact plug and play system.  Designed to meet the requirements of HTM2030, C32 and ISO 15883.  This has been a highly sucessfull system over the past few years with over 160 units operating in endscopy suits throughout the UK.C

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Below is a typical EndoPure endoscopy water purification system:

In recent years the market has demanded an even higher quality of treated water.  For example in the forth coming HTM01-06 guideline the water quality is guaranteed <10 cfu  per 100 ml typically  0 – 2 cfu per 100 ml.  At the same time that the treated water specification has become tighter there has been a trend towards a centralised department with multiple AER’s, which demand greater output than the traditional systems.  Quite often there is no room for the water purifiation equipment within the endoscopy area and the water purification plant can be located in a plant room some distance away which necessitates an inter connecting pure water distribution system.  This has lead to the development of a new generation of water purification systems.

The thermally sanitised EWS (UK) Ltd EndoTherm meets all of the above requirements.  It is still compact, has an fully automatic out of hours thermal sanitisation process of both the water purification unit and the pure water distribution pipework system.  The benefit of this is that departents can now run 10 – 12 hours a day up to 7 days a week, so there is no down time required on the AER’s for the RO systems sanitisation.  Also no operator needs to be present as it is a fully automatic operation.  The unit is controlled by a plc and has a full colour HMI graphic screen.  This gives a full representation of the systems current status and trends all the critical parameters to assist with validation process.


Below is a flow diagram for the EndoTherm.


EndoTherm water quality guaranteed 10 cfu per 100 ml, typically 0 – 2 cfu per 100 ml.  Make up flow rate up to 600 litres per hour and delivery flow rate of 60 litres per minute.   Click here to see the full product  details.

The EndoTherm Mini


EndoTherm  Mini systems will deliver ambient temperature purified water to HTM2030 / CfPP01-06 and EN ISO15883 requirements, and can be programmed for thermal sanitisation to take place outside work hours. Reverse osmosis, ultra violet light and 0.05 micron filtration work together in a recirculating system to achieve and maintain the required water quality.

Ideal for single or multiple  AER feed

Compact and easy to install the footprint is just 550mm x 600mm (550mm x 700mm on 450lph model)

Water recirculates at ambient temperature via the UV and EF endotoxin filter to the point(s) of use

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EndoPure Plus

Where the client preferes chemical sanitisation we have improved the EndoPure range to include the EndoPure Plus.  The EndoPure Plus has all the characturists and flow path of the original EndoPure, but now has been upgraded to provide up to 600 litres per hour make up with a delivery flow rate of 45 litres per minute.  It also includes plc control and the full colour HMI graphic.  But the most important feature is that it includes a semi automatic, out of hours chemical santisation process.

This allows the customer to sanitise the unit themselves whenever required, out of hours, which means that we can guarantee a treated water quality of <10 cfu per 100ml.

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